Flatiron: Form & Flow

Thursdays at 6:30 AM – Flatiron Building

The Flatiron building still stands tall at the crossroads of Fifth Ave and Broadway. The iconic structure is testament to the importance of a strong foundation; flexibility without compromising balance.

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In keeping with its namesake, Flatiron: Form & Flow is designed to walk the crossroads between strength, balance and flexibility to forge a solid foundation using a fusion of yoga, ballet and calisthenics. The workout is aimed at building and strengthening the foundations and filling the gaps to support whatever other physical pursuits your lifestyle throws at you.

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One note about yoga mats — the surface we’ve been using isn’t terrible on the hands, but some people bring gloves or a small towel. That being said, if you want to bring a yoga mat and take your shoes off and everything, nobody’s stopping you!

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  1. Andy cropper

    I’m new to NYC and would like to know if the Flatiron workout will definitely go ahead, this Thursday – 07/07/16

    Look forward to a reply and thank you


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